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Contacting the ARH Support team

Please explain the problem as detailed as possible and always send the following information for making it easier to help you:

  • The exact type of the product you have and its serial number
  • If you have problems during recognition, send images from the document taken with Passport Reader Demo
  • If there is any error code or message appearing, please write the code and the place where it occurs (sending a screenshot is much better)
  • If you noticed the problem while running a Demo or a sample application, please write the name of the application you tested
  • If you have some problem while developing your own application, please name the programming language and compiler you use (version number!)
    and if possible please send a short part of the source code
  • Please write if you use ActiveX or DLL
  • Please try to determine the place where the error occurs (e.g. "when I call GetOCR() function for the second time, it always hangs...")

Before sending back a faulty device to repair, always contact the ARH Support Team!

IMPORTANT: Repairs may be executed by the manufacturer only!