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CLR Passport Reader Family

The CLR Document Reader family contains high quality full page image capturing devices, which all meet the growing demand for security checks of personal documents.

It can be used anywhere where automatic processing, archiving or verification of identification documents is a critical need.

CLR has outstanding image quality, with an algorithm that results in an exceptionally high rate of character recognition.

Additional unique features include reading 2D bar codes, creating full-color UV images, and detecting documents automatically. Each of the four models in the CLR series are designed as optimum solutions for specific applications. They are easy to use, with no need for specially trained personnel. The equipment first senses when the document is inserted, then automatically creates the image and finally performs the analysis.

During product development the designers particularly focused on the easy integration of CLR models. CLR products and their operating software are extremely easy to integrate with any complex computer system used for document control.

The CLR Passport Reader Family includes 4 different device configurations:

Illumination Resolution
Normal Infra UV 1.5 MPixel 3 MPixel
CLR 111 • — — • —
CLR 121 • • — • —
CLR 223 • • — — •
CLR 233 • • • — •

The CLR 233 Full Page Passport Reader offers the highest level of travel document and personal identification document processing capabilities amongst the members of the new CLR family.

The CLR passport reader device captures the personal identification document, reads essential information from the captured image and forwards these information in ASCII to the host computer system.

There is also a possibility for automated authentication verification, so that the travel documents can be quickly verified with specific databases, checked against black lists, etc.

Besides OCR reading, traditional or two dimensional barcodes can also be read, and the integration of biometric identification is straightforward and easy.

UV image

True color images in as high resolution as 2048 x 1536 pixels are captured in three illuminations:
· normal light,
· infra red (IR) light of near 950nm, and
· ultra violet light (UV) of near 365nm.

Not only the resolution, but also the image quality is excellent, thanks to the most advanced digital image capturing technology of the CLR devices.

The excellent image quality and the high resolution provide unique document inspection possibilities, and a solid basis for automated travel document authentication through the smallest details of document security marks.

Image quality is a key issue. The digital imaging technology of CLR series is absolutely unique.

Illumination in different wavelengths

A different illumination (illumination in different wavelengths) does not only mean simply changing the source of light. Light of different wavelengths refract differently in the same optical system, the focal length of a lens has a dependence on the wavelength (color) of the light. The result: an optical system providing sharp images under illumination of normal light will result blurred images when applying IR illumination.

The CLR device automatically solves this problem!

Different illuminations also mean different digital camera settings (such as gain and white balance), which settings are all handled automatically by the CLR devices. The image quality is excellent in all available illumination due to the result of all the advanced technological solutions.

Passport reader software - ARH Inc.

The size of the processed documents can be as large as 130mm*98mm, which allows processing of all passports worldwide. The image size is 1440*1088 (CLR 111, 121) and 2048*1536 pixels (CLR 223, 233), which results in a 250 and 380 DPI physical resolution. ( Note, that 200 DPI is considered to be excellent for OCR processing.) Each pixel of the captured image is represented by 3 bytes, a 24 bits RGB value.

After high quality images are captured from the document (passport, VISA, ID card, drivers' license, etc), the pictures in the memory have to be processed:
· the data from the card has to be read,
· the data reading has to be verified using CRC checks, and
· the authenticity of the document has to be verified.

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