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Combo Scan

Combo Scan is a combination of MRZ passport  and full page ID scanne

Combo Scan is a combination of MRZ passport and full page ID scanner (ID means ID-1 size: typical size of a US driver’s license and other polycarbonate ID cards) in an ultra compact, ergonomic housing ideal for various commercial and governmental applications.

By using Combo Scan there is no need for typing anymore. Image scanning starts automatically, once the document is inserted on the scanning surface. Single handed operation for passports and hands-free operation for ID cards.

Captured images are transferred to the PC via USB connection. Images are processed then by flexible OCR software to extract personal data from the card.

The advanced capabilities of Combo Scan include reading printed texts and recognizing both 1D and 2D bar codes – including those which are common on US driving licenses.

Typical application environments of Combo Scan

- Fast data entry at hotels’ check-in desk, car rental, banks, telco companies
- Age- and ID card verification at retail shops, night clubs, casinos
- Reading passports, ID cards, visas and boarding passes at airports and other border crossing points

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