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PR304: one-step mobile e-passport reader

PR304 Portable Document Reader with RFID

The PR304 mobile e-passport reader enables hands-free operation on the spot: the user simply inserts the passport, ID card or other travel document into the reading slot, the rest is done automatically by the reader. No need to move, no need to hold the document.

OCR and RFID data is read in one-step, no need to swipe the document than place it on the RFID module.

One-step reading is not only an advantage because of easier operation but it also speeds up the entire reading process and ensures secure processing of documents.

PR304 has a built-in PC that runs Windows XP Embedded, therefore it is compatible with standard Windows based applications.

Windows XP Embedded provide more powerful and flexible platform than Windows CE or Windows Mobile.

Main advantages of PR304 mobile reader

  • Built-in PC (1.1 GHz Intel Atom)
  • Smart card reading
  • Automatic document detection
  • Fast image processing & RFID reading in ONE STEP
  • Exceptionally high rate of OCR reading
  • Easy-to-use API
  • No moving parts, maintenance-free operation

» Click here to read the technical specifications of PR304

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