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PRMc Multireader series
for ePassports, VISA and eID Cards

PRMc: a smart combination of traditional document scanning devices

The new PRMc document scanners are a smart combination of traditional document scanning devices: fast, accurate and reliable machines that effectively help your daily business with performance and stylish look.

You can read every, standard travel documents and ePassports with the new PRMc.

What we offer is a professional hardware and an easy-to-use development environment (SDK).

Usage of PRMc biometric passport reader is especially easy. Special trainings or highly qualified personal is not needed for the operation. The unit sense the document automatically and perform all image scanning, data processing and analysis.

Operation principles of a document management system
based on PRMc multireader

1. PRMc detects the document automatically when it is placed in.
2. The unit scan images from the document and also reads data from RFID chip.
3. Data is transferred toward the PC via USB port.
4. The software (SDK) 'reads' information from the optically scanned images and also process data from the RFID chip.
5. Your application will process the gained data according to the customer needs.

All-around Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy integration

We attach an all-around Software Development Kit (SDK) and drivers on a CD-ROM therefore you can easily design and build your own, fully customized document scanning system to your clients.

The attached SDK supports numerous Operation Systems and programming languages, as a result you can integrate our PRMc reader into your system seamlessly.

Thanks to our continuous research and development work, the new PRMc document scanning devices are now available with Windows Vista drivers as well.

If your aim is to design a highly efficient and highly reliable document scanning system to your clients, please do not hesitate in contacting with us and ask our professionals' help. Write us a short description of your desired documents reading system. Our professionals will help you in choosing the most appropriate device from our wide product range that completely fulfill your requirements.

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